Wavlink Extender Troubleshooting Guide

Do you own a Wavlink extender? Facing issues with your WiFi device? Check this Wavlink extender troubleshooting guide and get all your extender-related issues fixed in a matter of minutes. Here we go:

Wavlink is leading the WiFi industry with the offering of high-performing extenders and routers. Although all the devices offered by the Company are destined to work efficiently, still a few glitches found within their working, makes them not apt for many. If you are also looking to ditch your Wavlink extender due to facing certain issues, then hold on. Check the Wavlink troubleshooting guide given on this page and get rid of all your Wavlink issues in an instant.

Wavlink Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Various Issues

1. Can’t Set up Wavlink Extender

Fix: Users usually face issues while configuring their Wavlink extenders. The problem can occur due to various reasons. If you are also unable to make your extender up and running, walk through the Wavlink repeater troubleshooting tips outlined below:

  • Confirm that the connection between your extender and router has been firmly established.
  • Make use of an updated web browser to access the default web address of your extender.
  • Enter the web address only into the URL field of the web browser.
  • Keep your web browser updated before accessing the login page.
  • Verify if your extender is placed within the WiFi coverage of your host router.

If even after following the Wavlink troubleshooting tips given above, you can’t install the extender, learn step-by-step methods for getting success with the process by navigating to the Wavlink Extender Setup page.

Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup via Manual Method

2. Wavlink Extender Keeps Disconnecting

Fix: This is another major issue hampering the internet experience of many Wavlink users. For doing away with the problem, have a nudge on the Wavlink extender troubleshooting tips jotted down below:

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Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup Issues

3. Getting Network Error While Configuring Wavlink

Fix: Users usually get stuck with the network error message while configuring their Wavlink extenders. If you are also getting the same, worry not! With the execution of the Wavlink extender troubleshooting tips given below, you can resolve the network error issue in a hassle-free manner. Read on the following Wavlink repeater troubleshooting tips:

  • Verify that your Wavlink extender is receiving a continuous power supply.
  • Make use of the right web address to access the setup wizard of your Wavlink extender.
  • Another Wavlink troubleshooting tip is to ensure that the hardware of your Wavlink extender is not broken.
  • Make sure you have not connected your Wavlink to a public WiFi for executing the configuration process.
  • Make certain that no proxy or VPN server is activated on your device.

4. Extender Not Working after Wavlink Firmware Update

Fix: If your Wavlink extender is not working fine, then it is suggested that you count on getting a Wavlink firmware update. But, what if the Wavlink firmware update itself becomes a mess for you. In that case, you need to ensure the following:

If even after checking these Wavlink repeater troubleshooting tips, your extender is still not working then you need to perform a Wavlink WiFi extender reset for taking your device back to the default settings. Once done, again configure your device and see if it works for you.

Well, you might be seeing that firmware update and reset is the common Wavlink troubleshooting tips offered by us for many issues. Now, many users come to us for knowing how to perform a Wavlink firmware update or WiFi extender reset. If you are also into the same hunt, check the sections below and get answers to all your queries.

How to do Wavlink Firmware Update?

Wavlink firmware update is the most recommended Wavlink repeater troubleshooting tip to get rid of various WiFi-related issues. If you want to know how to do Wavlink firmware update, then scroll down a bit:

How to do Wavlink WiFi Extender Reset?

If none of the Wavlink troubleshooting tips given on this page is helping you fix the issue you are facing with your extender, then no other option is left other than performing a WAVLINK WiFi extender reset. Here’s how to execute the Wavlink WiFi extender reset process:

WiFi Extender Reset Using Reset Button

WiFi Extender Reset using Web Browser

You can also take your Wavlink back to the default settings using the web browser.

This is how you can complete the Wavlink WiFi extender reset process using the manual method.

Common Wavlink Repeater Troubleshooting Tips

Above are the guidelines for fixing specific issues with Wavlink extenders. Moving on, let’s make you aware of some common Wavlink repeater troubleshooting tips that can help you get rid of the most common Wavlink issues.

Reboot your extender: Whenever you come across any issue with your Wavlink, the very first Wavlink repeater troubleshooting tip you can try is to reboot your extender. The hack helps in fixing various issues right from technical glitches to the WiFi dropping.

Update your Web Browser: Another Wavlink troubleshooting tip in our list is to update your web browser before accessing the login page or setup wizard of your extender. If you would be using an outdated web browser then the chances of getting set up and login issues may increase.

Place Extender Correctly: If your Wavlink extender is not placed at its ideal location then also you will not be able to make the most of your device. For getting the issue fixed, consider placing your extender in the central area of your home. Count on this Wavlink troubleshooting trick only if you have placed the extender wrongly like in a far corner, within an almirah, or beneath a thing.

Keep WiFi Interference Away: Your Wavlink extender will not give you the desired results if it is placed near things causing WiFi interference. In such a situation, you need to try this Wavlink extender troubleshooting tip and keep WiFi interference causing devices away from your extender.

Cut off WiFi Leeches: If you have not set a password for your Wavlink extender after configuring it then set it now! Make sure you select a password that is hard to crack. For this, you can add special numbers and characters to the new password.

These all are the common Wavlink extender troubleshooting tips using which you can resolve various Wavlink issues in a jiffy.

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